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Our dancing school offers a variety of styles and disciplines for all ages. We offer ballet classes, hip hop classes, tap classes, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, as well as our musical theatre program which combines acting classes, singing lessons and dancing classes.

BALLET The foundation for all dance, ballet contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance, flexibility, and discipline.

BEGINNING POINTE The more advanced students from Pre Teen/Teen Ballet will have the opportunity to stay for the extra 30 minutes of pointe work. The Ballet instructor will determine which students are ready for this class.

TAP Tap works the ears as well as the feet. Rhythm and timing skills are essential to building a solid dance education. Tap classes offer an upbeat and fun approach to rhythm and tap dance (Broadway style and "hoofin').

JAZZ A freestyle dance form combining isolations, strength, coordination and style. This jazz dance class offers a variety of styles vary from classical jazz, lyrical as well as musical theatre and original Broadway choreography.

Hip Hop Class in River Ridge, Harahan, Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans
A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers. This class will encompass movement that has elements of poppin', locking, breaking, jazz, hip hop and funk, as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

JAZZ / CONTEMPORARY Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical dance style has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance.

Our dancing school also offers summer camps and classes in dance.